a unique approach yields unique bikes

Analog outside,
Digital inside

Our customers don't want to look at a computer screen on their way to their jobs where they have to look at a computer screen. They prefer the quick readability of a dial.

Look and Feel

We didn't put motors on bikes so we could pedal. These motorbikes are built for riding first, which means you cruise in comfort as you speed from place to place at the drop of a wrist.

Metal Bikes Last

No longer satisfied with plastic eBikes? Step up to durable, renewable metal. Take your pick of copper, aluminum, stainless, or patinaed steel.

The Future Looks Like the Past

One of the most common questions we get from people laying fresh eyes upon a Juicer is, “How old is it?” This is a telling comment on the classic styling of our bikes. But it is not a case of style over substance. Instead it is a recognition both of where we have been and where we are going on middleweight motored cycles.

A hundred years ago, motorcycles were first emerging as a distinct kind of vehicle, separate from any augmented bicycle. Their frames were designed specifically to accommodate the more powerful motors that were just then becoming available. Precisely a century later, we are seeing a similar evolution happen to electric powered cycles. Forward thinking eBike companies now favor a mid-drive system, such as the Bosch motor, despite the requirement that a purpose-built frame must be used.

Looking a bit further ahead, Juicer has anticipated that electric cyclists will want to ride more than pedal, and ride far. The design implications of that are larger battery packs and a more comfortable sitting posture. These considerations demanded that we use many of the criteria early motorcycle designers employed, but with modern, high-tech components. The result is a fully modern bike that looks at home among the most cherished bikes in history.

Built by hand in the


Los Angeles, California
(still counts)

Thank you for your interest
but Juicer went out of business in March of 2021.

It was a great ride.